May 16 12 6:52 AM

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Just one item to add fuel to the fire of how we as a country are lazy when it comes to communication.

This off season the Texas Rangers signed Yu Darvish, the half Japanese and half Iranian pitcher who has taken the league by storm.

When asked about Yu, Nellie Cruz, the Rangers right fielder, was amazed at Yu's ability to learn a foreign language. "He came here knowing nothing and now he speaks perfect English." "He doesn't need an interpreter and on top of that he is learning Spanish."

This points out what most people who travel already know. While the rest of the world speaks multiple languages, we as Americans are just too lazy to learn anything other than the very basic of any foreign language. Learning how to order a beer in Spanish is about as far as any of us get, and I include myself in that.

When I was stationed in Germany in a lifetime ago, virtually all Germans spoke English. Why you might ask. Well we can start by Germans taking English in school. Not like us where we take two years of Spanish and can't speak the language but try every year they are in school. English is mandatory. In fact most Euro's speak multiple languages, most are proficient in English and French.

We seem to be too lazy to be bothered. Uno Mas cerveza amigo...or....ein bier bitte is about the limit to this lazy American's bi lingual abilities.