May 16 12 6:28 AM

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Last week started with the NFL Network conducting a poll of players for the top 100 players in the league. Laughably the players, proving they have the same bias as media and fans, had Tony Romo out of the top 100 players. I don't really have a problem with that until you see Tim Tebow was ranked number 76. Tebow a guy who can't get a starting job is ranked as elite by the players.

We then fast forward to this week and we get a series of stories about Romo and surprise, they are positive. First ESPN KC Joiner writes that not only is Tony a good QB but he ranks in the top five.

Then we get another another vote of confidence for the team and Tony when he said Friday, "The Cowboys are as talented as nearly any team in the league. I know you have to have a great quarterback, and I believe Tony Romo is that."

Finally you have an interview with DeMarco Murry and he talks of Romo the leader. 

"Just the fact that he's been there everyday, working out, he's calling people out, letting people know what they're doing right, what they're doing wrong." Murry responded after being asked why he believes Romo is poised to lead the team to a Super Bowl. "He's working out tremendously hard. We also have Jason Witten, who has always been a great leader. And everybody's just being more vocal this this year. Everybody's working hard and everybody's on the same page.

He went on..."Romo always helps me." he said. "It's just the little things. He always tells me what to look for in defenses. Watch this guy. Make sure he's not coming. He's just a great guy, a great leader. The success I had definitely came from Romo. There was times I didn't know which guy to block bu the would tell me. Hey, block that guy. If he doesn't come make sure you come back side and protect me. He's always been a great leader for us."

Good week for Tony..not that it will matter to his detractors..