May 15 12 10:40 PM

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The NFL keeps stats on everything.

Last four season we see a common theme..When the defense allows between 10 and 17 points in a game, those teams were a combined 488-189. The numbers jump dramatically when the bracket is moved to allowing between 18 and 24. In those games the combined record was 374-407.

It flips when a team scores between 10 and 17 points and scores between 18 and 24. The numbers are the same but reversed.

We could imply that the goal of a defense is to allow under 17 points and for an offense to score over 18 points. It is the difference in winning and losing.

The brackets for the Cowboys are pretty telling.

The team  is 12-0 when the defense gives up less that 10 points...9-3 when the defense allows 11-17 points...10-6 when the defense allows 18-24 and 3-21 when the defense allows over 25 points.

The team is 1-7 when the offense scores 10 points or less...4-8 when the offense scores 11-17 points...9-7 when the offense scores 18-24 points and 8-4 when the offense scores 25-31 and are an amazing 12-2 when the offense scores over 32 points.

Amazingly when the defense allows under 24 points the team in the last 4 years has a record of 42-9. When the offense gets any kind of defense the team wins and wins often.

On the flip side scoring points does not mean a victory for the Cowboys. In that same stretch the team is 29-13 when the offense scores 24 points or more in a game.

Last season the Cowboys scored 24 points or more in 8 games and in those games they had a 5-3 record. When scoring less than 24 points they were 3-5..

Last season the Cowboys allowed 24 points or less in 9 games and in those games they had a 6-3 record. When the gave up over 24 points their record was 2-5.

Pretty simple objective for the upcoming season. Score and allow 24 points and the season will be a success..