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May 6 12 9:18 AM

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Why Signing Tyson Chandler Would Have Hurt Long Term

Some look at my name and see the Beevo part but miss the Mav part. I am a die hard fan of the Dallas Mavericks and my favorite all time player in any sport is Dirk Nowitski. I offer this as a post mortem to this season that ended so badly for my Mavs.

Look to the Thunder for a clue.

Leading scorer Kevin Durant is 23 and signed for four more years. His running mate Russell Westbrook is also 23 and is also signed for four more years. Serge Ibaka, their defensive beast, is only 22 and along with James Harden, you guessed it 22, are both signed for next season and have a qualifying offer for the following year. They did all this with young guys and are under the salary cap.

Dallas has always went the other direction. Our acclaimed center, Brendon Haywood, is 10 years older than the oldest of the guys above. He also makes more, $8.3 million next season, than Ibaka who trashed him during the playoffs. Add in Shawn Marion, another $8.3 million next season, who is older than Haywood and also signed for three more years. Throw in Kidd and you have the issue.

In the New CBA you can't go buy players like the old CBA. Tyson Chandler will be 30 in October. He will make $13+ million next season and will be older than Dirk when his contract ends. I say, after listening to DLord and Fish all season, that is too much and really hurts the Mavs going forward.

In two years Harden and Ibaka will both be able to talk to other teams and the Thunder have only the right of first refusal. They can't keep everyone and with the new CBA, yea that again, the penality for going over he cap is way too severe. Would you rather have a 32 year old Chandler or a 24 year old Ibaka or Harden?

Next is the fact that Tyson was a part of a team that led us to an NBA title but he can't create a shot. His contribution to this team was high but he was not the reason the Mavs won a title. He was one of the reasons. He can't take over a game like Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum and those guys are young. Tyson is a 10/10 guy who makes a lot of money. He was the defensive player of the year but raise your hand if you believe he would have gotten that award playing anywhere other than New York City?

Time to move on and get younger. No more 30 year old role players who are chasing a big contract. Dirk said it best when he talked of getting guys who can create their own shot. Dallas has a roster of guys who can contribute but can't create and Chandler would have been another.

If you don't like the Thunder way then look to the south. The Spurs have the best record in the NBA and have done it by adding youth and a core of talented veterans who can create their own shot.

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