May 5 12 6:19 AM

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In the last few weeks rumors have surfaced that Jerry Jones is no longer in charge of day to day activities for the Cowboys. The latest was David Moore and yesterday he was on the radio and says the evidence is out there for all to see, if they pay attention.

Moore says the moves in the last couple of years have been orchestrated by Stephen with a good deal of input from Jason Garrett. The purging of older players, who Jerry has always been reluctant to do, has happened at an accelerated pace. The off season signing of free agents goes against what Jerry has done these last several years. Seems Jerry falls in love with veterans and is reluctant to trade or release them.

The younger Jones is also, if you listen to the media, the one who went to his dad and told them they needed to release TO and was the person who convinced his dad to fire Wade Jones in mid season. Jerry has always steadfastly refused to fire anyone mid season and has talked of it many time before pulling the rip cord on Wade.

I think, if true, this bodes well for the future of the Cowboys. Jerry is not an idiot like he is portrayed by the media but even a great football man needs input. If it turns our Stephen is pulling more strings or just has his father's ear, I am all for it.

Go Cowboys.