Apr 11 12 9:46 AM

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Terrance Newman has signed a one year contract with the Bengals. He will be reunited with Mike Zimmer his former DC with Dallas. If anyone can fix him, it will be Mike.

In case you were on a desert island, Tony Romo is a papa..His wife Candice gave birth to the future QB of the Cowboys earlier this week. His name is Hawkins and he will attend the University of Texas before leading the Cowboys to (7) Super Bowls and becoming the greatest QB in the history of the league... 

Adam Rank of NFL.Com wrote a piece about how Romo will be out if the team misses the playoffs in 2012. Now it is being spread by other outlets. I guess the other outlets missed the fact that Rank is a lifelong Giants fan and has no insight into or access to anyone Cowboys related..

Calvin Watkins of ESPN/Dallas, the Cowboys have had discussions about trading Felix Jones. Watkins also indicated if the team can find a younger version of Felix in the draft he might be released..

The word today is Dallas is considering drafting another TE as early as the second round. A bit early to me..

Yet another article form Calvin Watkins..Here is his list of (5) players who might be gone if the draft goes against their position..

Kenyon Coleman......The team saves $1.9 with his release.....

Felix Jones......Jason Garrett continues to call him a complimentary back. They are interested in Boise State RB Doug Martin plus the team likes third string RB Phillip Turner..
Marcus Spears......MS has done nothing wrong and even tool less money to stay...but he is not performing to a level the Cowboys need..
Phil Costa....watch any game from 2011 and you wonder why he is still here?
Kevin Ogletree....he was brought in for camp insurance and is probably a long shot for making the team..

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