Apr 3 12 11:16 AM

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Jerry along with Danny Boy Snyder are promising a legal fight with the league owners over the $46 million hit on the Cowboys and Redskins salary cap. The money was evenly divided between the other 28 owners with two other teams getting nada.

Today Nike unveiled their new uniforms for all 32 teams. About 12 years ago the league he helped negotiate an exclusive contract with Reebock. Jerry in 1995 then walked out with Phil Knight and announced the Cowboys had signed an exclusive 7 year contract with Nike.

The league sues and after several other counter suits the NFL lost and now 17 years later Nike is the exclusive apparel provider for the league.

Interesting timing because of oncoming litigation by the Cowboys once again and analysts are in sync when they ask, "How can you penalize a team that didn't break any rules or laws?" 

Jerry also turned out to be on the right side of other conflicts..Pepsi vs Coke and Miller Lite vs Budweiser.

Put this with being the most watched sports franchise in sports and you would think they would erect a statue to Jerry instead of trying to lose another fight with him.

Sick em Jerry..

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