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Apr 2 12 7:03 PM

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For any hockey fans out there the upcoming philly pittsburg matchup is going to be an absolute war. These two teams truly hate each other and are both good teams. Last night the flyers beat the pens in their building. The game ended in a brawl after the pens cheap shotted Briair. Unfortunately the cheap shot put briere out of the game indefinetly, bastards.  The fight was so good the head coach of the flyers had to be restrained from punching out the pens coach. It was great! The flyers were taunting the fans and the place was jumping. Contact sport are what we all love and this game, these teams are the essence of hockey. Great series coming. Who ever wins will lose the next round beacause they will leave it all on the ice in this series. The stanley cup will be played in the first round. 

I hate the penquens almost as much as I hate the cowboys..... strike that more than I hate the cowboys.

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Apr 14 12 7:00 AM

Flyers are up 2 to 0 after beating cindy crosby and the pens in their own building. The constant stream of hard hits are unbelievable! The Pens opt to hit the Flyers as opposed  to  defending their position. They either hate them this much  or they are trying to wear the Orange and Black down. The rookies are beating the hell out of them. Coutorier goes one on one with Malkin arguably the best in the NHL and ate his lunch on the way to a hat trick. The boy is 19 years old.... The best playoff action I have ever seen!

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Apr 14 12 3:15 PM

The Wings are looking strong now that all their players are back from injury. Only Detroit team that I care for, and they are my hockey team. Stars are number 2 in the Hockey category. 

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Apr 17 12 7:21 AM

Yes it is hard to believe they have owners who fail to recognize Dallas as the 5th largest market in the country and treat us like we are we're Nashville. 

In the olden days(1999)the arena was packed and the games got decent ratings. Since then there has been a steady erosion of talent and the fan base has shrunk as well. If this is what they intend to put out there then move the damn franchise.

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