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Mar 29 12 9:20 AM

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Cool Dallas Cowboys News and Rumors


'The Huddle Report' is reporting the Cowboys are in talks with the Browns about trading up from 14 to 4 and picking LSU CB Morris Claiborne. Using the points system(designed by former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson)it would take the Cowboys first 3 picks to get the Browns first round pick. Is Claiborne that good?

This a day after owner Jerry Jones said the team may be more interested in trading down than up. Plus Jerry also said he didn't think the team would select and OLineman but go pass rusher in the first round.

Yardbarkers is reporting the Cowboys are actively shopping their 1st round pick. The cost would be an additional 2nd this year or a 1st round in 2013, plus the swap of number one's this year.


Yesterday the league owners voted 29-2 with one abstaining to ratify the $46 million in cap penalties levied by the league management council. Cowboys/Redskins have filed for arbitration. 

Jerry talk:

Jerry said he made a huge mistake by cutting Columbo, Davis and Gerrard in the same season. He said Romo was wary of his OLine from the start and he is moving to correct the error. He has signed two huge OLinemen to add to the center and problem area of he line.

Dallas has signed (8) free agents so far and Jerry has indicated there may be more. He said he has improved the team but won't rule out more moves.


Felix Jones has put on weight the previous two seasons and some thing it has hurt his speed and agility. Seems Felix agrees and he has lost weight for this season. He played at between 200-207 while at Arkansas but last season he was up to 220. Not sure how much weight he has lost but he needs to get under 215 to get his burst back.



Jerry is not going to sell the Dallas Cowboys but with the LA Dodgers selling for $2.15 billion that had to push the Cowboys value way over their Forbes estimated value of $1.81 billion. Estimated worth now seems in the $2.25 billion range..What bad economy?


Jason Garrett said he had to learn from his mistakes for the Dallas Cowboys to improve as a team. He felt the main problem was communication between the coaches and the players on the field. Icing your kicker comes to my mind.


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