Mar 24 12 9:48 AM

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I have been critical of the Longhorn Network, mainly because it effects me and I tend to look at things through that lens. I have no access to the LHN because I live in a condo, have no line of sight for a dish and my other options, Time Warner and U-Verse seem to not be interested unless football is involved.

I check in at a site for the network and found some stuff that makes me rethink my position. Link:

TexasSports.com – Official website of University of Texas Athletics – Texas Longhorns – Multimedia

I checked the site and after poking around a bit I came away with a few items that seem to indicate what I thought of the Network and the reality of the of the network are at odds.

I thought the LHN was an out and out money grab. Well money was an issue but where the money is going was surprising. 50% of the revenue is going toward academic chairs. The list:

Governor Ann W. Richards Chair for the Texas Program in Sports and Media: College of Communications (established to meet a challenge grant)
Chair in Latin American Art History and Criticism: College of Fine Arts (established to meet a challenge grant)
Chair in African and African Diaspora Studies: College of Liberal Arts
Chair in Philosophy: College of Liberal Arts
Chair in Mathematics: College of Natural Sciences
Chair in Physics: College of Natural Sciences

Then there is this item:

• ESPN is continuously negotiating with all major television cable and satellite service providers. ESPN has done this before, having previously launched seven other networks, and their professionals are considered television industry leaders.

Seven times and they had the exact issues with all seven. Makes me realize this is going to happen and when it does, all those UT sports events that were never televised will be available 24 hours a day.

I also did not understand the economic impact.

• ESPN owns and operates the network and brings the experience, personnel and resources that will make it successful. More than 70 employees work in Austin for LHN, all paid by ESPN. At least six internships for UT students have been established within the LHN framework.

Seventy jobs and a minimum of six internships for UT students is not something to dismiss.

Although I am still upset by not having access to the LHN, I do see the greater good. Anything that helps our beloved university and creates jobs is worth the sacrifice.

Now does anyone have a clue how I can view the Orange-White game?