Jun 7 11 7:55 AM

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This from a Dallas Morning New interview:

Jason Terry has averaged 14.3 points during the Finals on 38-percent shooting, a significant drop from the first three playoff series, when he averaged 17.3 points on 47.1-percent shooting.
His on-court production has slipped, but his rhetoric increased significantly on Monday.
First off, Terry doesn't believe that Miami's defense is the best that Dallas has faced during the playoffs. "Portland, by far, has the best 'D," Terry said.

Terry was asked about LeBron James' ability to limit him offensively during the Finals. Terry said James' "length and his strength, his ability to close out and still be in the area to contest the shot," make him a very good defender. But Terry doesn't seem to buy the notion that James' has shut him down altogether. "I'm welcoming the challenge," he said. "We're going to see if he can do it for seven games. That's going to be the challenge. Right now, it's Game 4. Can he do it again in Game 4? He wasn't able to do it in Game 2. He did it in Games 1 and 3, so Game 4 is another opportunity."

Terry did not make a field goal during the fourth quarter of Game 3, but as he pointed out, "Well, I'm going to have to get more than four opportunities at the basket to be effective. That's on me being aggressive, looking for more opportunities."

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