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May 19 11 10:11 AM

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I've been watching the NBA playoffs and I keep seeing the commericals discouraging people from using the term "gay" to mean anything bad.  I was wondering what people thought about this.  Despite where you reside regarding the whole sexual orientation issue, do you think this is a worthy message to be sending out?  I personally, have both liberal and conservative views and do not have any strong opinions about the gay issue, but it does bother me a little that people put so much meaning behind words.  The same discussion can be made about the N word (which I'm forced to say in that manner so as to not be disrespectful to anyone).  I understand that people need to be respectful and not use words in hate - but that could apply to any hurtful word.
Does anyone else think people are making more of a deal about this kind of thing or do you guys think this is a justified message?  Just wondering.

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May 19 11 12:52 PM

One of my favorite radio stations has a segment in their show called.."Gay or not gay."

People have used the term gay as an adjective for a long time. Pretty sure it is not used as hate, just humor..

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