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Mar 20 11 12:52 PM

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I just read where everyone's choice for a top 5 player and most's pick for top ten scored very low on the Wonderlic test.

Patrick Perterson..CB/LSU scored a 9 and A J Green scored a 10. Could this make them fall in the draft? Remember when Vince Young scored a 6, a lot of people cautioned that Vince was not very intelligent but he was football smart. Well all these years later, he has consistently showed himself as a knuckle head on and off the field.

Peterson plays a real postion of need, so would the Cowboys take him if available? I would say heel yea but I only scored a damn 25 on the test.

Some insight from two different scouts on Peterson: They are not exactly complimentary of a guy who is a top ten and maybe top five talent..

"The more I'm around him, the more I love him even more. I love the kid, and I love the talent. But I don't like the way he plays with his back to the ball. He has an instinct issue, and I think it's tied to his mental (ability). He can only handle so much. He's not a quick processor. It's a scary year to be drafting in the top 10 because they all have some issue."
"He's a press corner," another longtime evaluator said. "His strong suit is that he can run and press. He won't play for the Patriots, where he's disguising coverage after coverage, but I still think he can be a No. 1 shutdown corner."

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